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    Past and future: Inner Mongolia government work report

    Inner Mongolia's GDP stood at 1.78 trillion yuan ($284.9 billion) in 2014, up 7.8 percent as compared with the previous year. The autonomous region is home to the biggest rare earth, wind power, cloud computing and monocrystalline silicon industries nationwide.

    30 billion yuan

    A total of 30 billion yuan went into railway construction. The Hohhot-Baotou high-speed rail has gone into operation, opening a new page in the region's history. The number of civil airports reached 18.

    28,350 yuan

    Urban resident per capita disposable income stood at 28,350 yuan, up by 9 percent. Rural resident per capita disposable income reached 9,976 yuan, up by 11 percent. A total of 400,000 people escaped poverty. Basic public health services funding increased to 35 yuan per capita.


    Inner Mongolia has strictly controlled conferences and files, and stopped all new government canteen projects. The number of personnel in the system and on government subsidy has been brought down. Government internal spending fell 22.8 percent.

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